5m/8m Retractable Reflective Dog Leash With Secure Locking Fashionable Soft cotton dog leash

5m/8m Retractable Reflective Dog Leash With Secure Locking Fashionable Soft cotton dog leash

• Easy fingertip control: This one-button retractable leash offers more freedom than a traditional leash could give. Whether you are in an open or crowded areas, you may confidently walk your furry friends with this compact designed leash at fingertip control.
• Reliable locking system: Easy to operate by simply pushing the button to lock at your desired length, and slide it back for a release. The steady control button allows you to effortlessly lock in the leash against pulling.
• Durability: Weather proof including those rainy and freezing days! The tape leash is ultimate strong to sustain at least 100,000 extensions. It is waterproof and corrosion-resistance taking the advantage of the German spring tape. The outer case is extremely durable and qualified against cold-crack resistance test. It is made safer for both you and your canine companion.
• Ergonomic handle: The handle is designed ergonomically for the long walk. It is made out of eco-friendly plastic and will not irritate your skin.
Eye-catching colors and patterns: The leash colors matching with the outer case offer a unique style which stands out in the crowd. Pick one that suits your furry friends' personalities!

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Use with care
1. Check the leash condition carefully before use. Strong abrasion may pose a risk in leash breakage.
2. Lock the leash at a secure length in crowded area.
3. Avoid direct contact with the leash when it is pulled out at a sudden.
4. Do not wind the leash around your body.
5. Retract slowly when finish using the leash.
6. Keep the leash away from your dog when it is not in use.
7. Remove any dirt from the leash before retracting it back.
8. Do not open the outer case.

Parental guidance for kids
It is recommended that ONLY the small size is suitable for use with kids.
It is important to note that children using a retractable leash should ALWAYS be supervised with an adult, and should ALWAYS follow the safety instructions listed above.

Wide range of colours and prints from black, brown, red, blue, pink, charcoal grain print, brushed steel print, camouflage print, and leopard print.

Features Reliable locking system
Patented leash slot
Waterproof spring tape
Anti-shock leash cushion
Patented spring spool
Durable ABS plastic outer case
Ergonomic handle



Dog retractable traction rope






Traction 3m flat rope / 5m round rope (hook length 4.5cm), width 1.0cm, suitable for dogs under 25 kg



Box gauge



3m flat belt 251g 5m round rope 280g

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