Retractable dog leash waste bags with dispenser and leash clip dog bungee leash

Retractable dog leash waste bags with dispenser and leash clip dog bungee leash

• One hand Operation: A hand brake and locking system, you can release, brake and lock with one hand, press a button and pull the push-pull button to close, and push the push-pull button to unlock. easy control while your dog or cat can have fun freely.
• Retractable style design: Our nylon leash is wear-resistant and corrosion resistant. The unique bayonet and built-in quality stainless strong spring make the high quality leash auto stretch and draw back freely smoothly. Therefore, you can do all kinds of unrestrained training under your control
• Design for safety: The extendable dog cord / cat cord can extend up to 16 feet for any types of dog or cat with up to 110lbs in weight. give your pet a very good range and freedom of movement, Woven with reflective line in both rims, it provides safety for your beloved dog or cat and yourself.
• Durable, stainless: The well-made leash provides a long lifetime to use. both you and your best friend can enjoy various activities freely. Training, walking and jogging become joyful.

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Special Note: (same for cat)
▲Do not let children use this retractable dog leash.
▲If dog not used to leash, please educate dog not to bite the leash belt, if dog often do this, you may lost dog.
▲If it shrinks, dry the belt before retracting it.
▲Do not let your dogs come back to you with a sudden locking, when suddenly running or chasing something.
▲Once the retractable dog leash is tangled, please untangle it immediately.
▲Do not attempt to open the plastic case and remove any other parts, otherwise the internal spring may cause accidental injury.
▲Please be careful that if there is no pulling force, the retractable dog leash will quickly rebound back in the unlock.

▲Rare situation: If leash was broken after used a few times, please tell us, we will send you another one quickly, because product materials, can not withstand the improper pressure and fall of FBA transport.

It made for daily use, with a strong spring. This Retractable leash works good, giving them maximum freedom while under your control. Casing is made of Eco-friendly material PP. Enhanced polyester dog leash, provide a long lifetime for you to use. Anti-slip Handle make the grip more soft and comfortable for you to use, even on big dogs that are pulling and running.








5m rope (295g)





5m belt (303g)


 3m belt (270g)

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